segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2011

Polónia - 10 zt 75º Aniversário da descoberta dos códigos de Enigma

Ano: 2007
Valor facial: 10 zl
Diâmetro: 32 mm
Metal: anel 925/1000 Ag
Qualidade: proof
Peso: 14,14gr.
Tiragem: 52000 pçs

Obverse: An image of the Eagle established as the state
emblem of the Republic of Poland. Above the Eagle,
an inscription, RZECZPOSPOLITA/ POLSKA. In the background,
a stylised Enigma cipher machine operation diagram and
a stylised inscription, ENIGMA, emerging from the composition
of lines. Under the diagram, on the left, the notation of the year
of issue, 2007. At the bottom, an inscription, 10 Z¸. The Mint’s
mark, –mw–, under the Eagle’s left leg.

Reverse: A stylised labyrinth of connections referring to the
operation of the Enigma cipher machine. In the centre, an
inscription, ENIGMA. Below, an inscription, 1932, inverted by
180 degrees. In the rim, an inscription, 75. ROCZNICA
Z¸AMANIA SZYFRU ENIGMY (75th anniversary of breaking
Enigma codes).
On the edge: An inscription, MARIAN REJEWSKI, HENRYK
ZYGALSKI, JERZY RÓ˚YCKI, separated by stars.

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