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Polónia - 10 zl 40º Aniversário de Março de 1968

Ano: 2008
Valor facial: 10 zl
Diâmetro: 32 mm
Metal: anel 925/1000 Ag
Qualidade: proof
Peso: 14,14gr.
Tiragem: 118000 pçs

Obverse: On the right-hand side, an image of the Eagle established as the State
Emblem of the Republic of Poland. On the right-hand side at the top, a semicircular
inscription, RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA. Below the Eagle, on the right-hand-side,
the notation of the year of issue, 2008. Below, the images of an open book on top
of a closed book. On the left-hand side, the stylised images of falling book pages.
The Mint’s mark, M/W, under the Eagle’s right leg.

Reverse: A stylised image of the main entrance gate of the University of Warsaw.
Below, a stylised flag symbolizing the Polish national flag and stylised images
of banners. At the top, a semicircular inscription, 40. ROCZNICA MARCA `68
(40th anniversary of March ‘68 events). At the bottom, the stylised images of militiamen
and protesting students.
Coin designer: Andrzej Nowakowski

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