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Áustria - 25 €uro Energias Renováveis

Ano: 2010
Valor facial: 25 Euros
Diâmetro: 34 mm
Metal: 900/1000 Ag & 6,5gr Niob
Qualidade: UNC
Peso: 16,5gr.
Tiragem: 65000 pçs

The obverse of the coin features the image of a tree set with the vibrant blue niobium, used to represent all the vegetation in the world. Coming out of the tree is a spiral design reflecting the continuous cycle of the world's four elements: Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. These are represented along the spiral as follows: Fire (the sun in the backgroud providing photosynthesis); Wind (the leaves blowing to the ground); Earth (giving the tree nourishment as well as recycling the fallen leaves); and Water (stylised at the bottom of the outer silver ring, allowing the tree to absord nutrients). The top of the outer silver ring includes inscriptions for the country of issue and nominal face value. The design was created by Helmut Andexlinger and inspired by the theme to "represent the living, breathing system of plants".

The reverse design features several types of renewable energy that are in use today. The Earth is depicted at the center as a stylized with each form of the renewable energy following the same pattern of four elements. Fire is represented by the sun's rays being captured by solar panels and converted into energy; water is driving the hydroelectric water turbine; geothermal heat sources of the Earth are recovered as steam (represented by the two arrows and droplets of water on the left side of the design); and wind is converted to energy by the large wind turbine in the upper left of the coin. Inscribed at the bottom of the coin are the words "Erneuerbare Energie" (translated: "Renewable Energy").

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