domingo, 20 de maio de 2012

Holanda - 5€ 400º Aniv. das Relações Diplomáticas da Holanda com a Turquia

Ano: 2012
Valor facial: 5 Euros
Diâmetro: 29 mm
Metal: CuNi Prata (banho)
Qualidade: BU
Peso: 10,5gr.
Tiragem: 15000 pçs

The Royal Dutch Mint have announced (29th February) their first commemorative coins for 2012, and the theme for the new 5 and 10 Euro coins is friendship between nations. Commissioned by the Ministry of Finance, the Royal Dutch Mint will strike the new commemorative gold and silver coins with the theme “400 years of diplomatic trade relations between the Netherlands and Turkey.” The First Strike of the coin will take place on the 26th of March.
The first trading links between the Netherlands and Turkey stem from the Middle Ages, when the Dutch were journeying to the Holy Land and visited Turkey as religious pilgrims. The first Dutch ambassador, Cornelius Haga, arrived in Istanbul in 1612 and diplomatic relations were firmly established. Consequently, in the sixteenth century, the Tulip which was to become synonymous with Dutch identity was exported from Turkey to Europe. This import lead to the Tulip-mania in the Netherlands and eventually the tulip became a national symbol.

As part of this history between the two nations, the obverse design of both coins includes a portrait of Queen Beatrix along with a luxuriant flowering tulip, again serving as the national symbol. On the reverse, a closed tulip can be seen in combination with the national emblem on the Turkish flag, as a metaphorical image of the tulip’s native origins. The denomination of five (or ten) Euro appears just under the stem.

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